The Model Railways Layout “Potenza 3”: H0 Scale Layout 160x120cm (Model Railways Layouts CSNetwork)

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The Model Railways Layout "Potenza 3": H0 Scale Layout 160x120cm (Model Railways Layouts CSNetwork) : Massimo Balestrieri: eBooks

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This Volume 1 is a clear example of how to build a small model railway layout H0 scale. It shows in particular the model railways layout H0 “Potenza 3” 160×120 cm, a layout with a remarkable scenic effect, easy to build for a beginner, and which can be made even more beautiful by expert modelers.
In a space of just 160×120 cm can circulate well four convoys on 3 independent circuits.
About 70 photos show all the details of the Layout and several stages of its implementation.
Also are listed the products used both for the scenery that for the analog and the digital system tracks.
As indicated it must be integrated with the Instruction of the producers of each item mentioned..
With the above-mentioned devices and software a computer can automatically control Trains.

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Paperback: 87
Language: English

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